STC-Steyr operates internationally manufacturing bearings in Steyr, Austria a location rich in industrial tradition. Bearings were already mass-produced here in 1922 by the STEYR company.

Good service and active communication combined with a strategic and customer oriented supply drove STC-Steyr to be a top-selling successful business within a few years. The components from the production of our selective European partnerships throughout the world converge at the Steyr location. From here we ship our products worldwide according to consistent quality testing from the outset, professional assembly and customized consignment. Shipping takes place with the option of individual packages, multiple unit packages or OEM packages.
Our sales and distribution center came into being in Berlin with strong German partners as a complement to our expertise with the high turnover bearing market in Europe. The STC-Steyr brand established itself from here as a trusted partner of dealers and of the industry. The combined success of our many years of teamwork is earmarked by quality, clear price structures and trustworthy interactions with our customers.

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