Simantarh Co. represents some well-known companies from Germany and Austria .The companies we represent are engaged mainly in cement, steel, mines, oil and gas industries .Our engineers are highly qualified, skilled and experienced. This expertise enables us to provide different services to the individual requirements of our Clients. The latest technology used in European companies is applied, delivering a high standard in areas including repair and maintenance, after sales service and spare parts.

Our dedicated management team have proudly established this Company. They have a life time experience in cement, petroleum and the petrochemical industry. The team’s intention has been to inspire a culture of quality within Iran’s industries. This has certainly been achieved by Simantarh Co.

The Company is now well established both at home and abroad. We believe by reducing lead time, along with high quality of work has contributed to our overall success. Neighboring countries have expressed keen readiness to engage in contracts with us. This on time service would not be achieved without our knowledgeable technical team.

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